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The 2017 Society Calendar

Our 24th Year Serving LA and OC Audiophiles.  Over 2100 members!  WORLD'S LARGEST!

  • June: LA Audio Show - LAAS
    The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, the world's largest at over 2100 members, presents events held monthly at varying locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties in Southern California. Don't miss The Los Angeles Audio Show, June 2-4, the Society’s co-venture with the Orion Organization, which will be the largest fine audio mega-show ever presented in North America open to the public. Produced by Marine Presson and featuring hundreds of high-end audio and home theater exhibitors, best headphone manufacturers, amazing auto sound systems, World Class Seminars, huge craft beer show, exciting live entertainment, thousands of LPs, CDs, and accessories, our most extensive show ever will be presented at the outstanding Sheraton Gateway Hotel near LAX at 6101 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 for the first time.  Take advantage of lowest parking costs in the area.  New members can join the Society in the hotel lobby or in advance at LA Audio Show and get free entrance to the LA Audio Show for all three days!  For all information including upcoming Society events, please visit this site or contact audio society president, Bob Levi at 714-281-5850.  And visit LA Audio Show for the latest news and schedule of outstanding LAAS events.

  • July: Saturday, July 22nd, 2-5 PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society will hold its monthly meeting at The Audio Salon in Santa Monica.(2525 Michigan Avenue, Gallery F1).  Maier Shadi will demonstrate top-of-the-line equipment in a space custom designed to maximize your musical (and visual) enjoyment.  The fantastic presenters will be Peter Madnick of Audio Alchemy and Andrew Jones of ElacEastwind Import will be on hand to offer personally selected vinyl and CDs for sale.  A raffle is planned and an extraordinary lunch will be served.  Parking is free.  Guests, visitors and new members are invited.
  • August: Sunday, August 20, 2-5 PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society will hold its monthly Event at The Source Audio/Video Design Group in Torrance (3035 Kashiwa St, Torrance, CA 90505),

    Our hosts, Steven and Jason Lord, will demonstrate top-of-the-line equipment in spaces custom designed to showcase both the sonic and visual arts.  This meeting will highlight McIntosh with the biggest presentation in California by their number 1 U.S. dealer.

    Also listen to MBL, Boulder, Dan D'Agostino, Vienna Acoustics, Meridian, Moon, Wadia, Pearl Evolution, Marantz, Denon, Sonus Faber, Linn, Totem Acoustics, and other fine examples of high-end equipment that will allow those attending to make comparisons and/or just enjoy the music.

    Presenters will discuss the future of both electronics and wire:

    Ray Kimber rather than attending as a member will be discussing current and future wire technology.

    Ron Cornelius product specialist from McIntosh will be discussing new and future directions in the industry.

    A special treat, Charlie Randall, CEO of The McIntosh Group and President of McIntosh, will be discussing the future of the industry we love so much.

    Eastwind Imports will be on hand to offer personally selected Vinyl and CDs for sale. A raffle is planned and an extraordinary lunch will be served. Free parking is nearby. Guests, visitors and new members are invited.

  • September: Shelley's Stereo & Video, Woodland Hills

  • October: Weinhart Design, Bel Air

  • November: Sunny's Components, Covina

  • December: Sunday, December 3rd, The 24th Annual Society Gala and Awards Banquet

For any information or questions about the Society, just Email me personally at or call me at (714)281-5850..